kencko member spotlight: meet Erin

Meet Erin, one of our awesome members from Arizona. Like so many people who turn to kencko, Erin is busy — like, a two-hour-each-way-via-bus-commute busy — so getting enough fruits and veggies into her schedule has always been a challenge. But since starting her days off with an easy-and-quick-to-make kencko smoothie, she’s not only been getting more produce into her routine, she’s found this one habit has led to other healthy ones, too.

What is your favorite kencko flavor or product, and why? 
What is your favorite kencko flavor or product, and why? 

The corals smoothie – it’s tart and sweet and refreshing.


Why did you initially decide to try kencko?

I saw it advertised, and the idea of a shelf-stable smoothie that I didn't need a blender to make seemed tailor-made for me. I have a two-hour bus commute to and from work each day, and I just couldn't turn on a blender in the house at 4:30am. I loved that I could throw a couple of packets in a backpack and that all I needed to do was add water to enjoy them. I loved that they were made of real ingredients – actual plants – not a bunch of compounds that I couldn't pronounce.


What changes have you seen in your life since becoming a kencko member?

I've lost over 20 pounds, and I’m coming up to 30 pounds in 2022. I make two smoothies as part of my morning ritual, and they help me make it through the morning feeling alert, full, plus I feel like I have mental clarity that I definitely lack when I skip a day. Also, the fiber is great for helping you curb the munchies. 


Are there any other healthy habits, in addition to kencko, that you have implemented in your routine?

It's helped make me better about drinking water, as now I always have it around to mix with a packet in case I get hungry or 'snacky' at a point in the day when I can't grab actual food. It helps me bridge the gap in my diet of making sure I truly get my 5-a-day, too.


Are there any key insights or things you’ve learned along your health journey while being a kencko member?

Drink more water! Drink more than you think you need (I live in the desert, and I need a lot). But also, truly, you feel better when you eat better. I know we've all heard it, and I know many of us tend to dismiss it. But really, I feel better when I start my day with kencko. I want to eat better during the rest of the day, because I've started my day on the right foot. When I see that improvement, I want to do better and see more. 


What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about trying kencko?

I make my own “sample packs” for my coworkers all the time, and I encourage them to get a real one from the website, and to try every flavor at least once so you learn what you like. Don't be afraid to adjust the product into something that works for you. Put a pack of yellow in banana bread (it also makes great carrot cake frosting when you mix it with greek yogurt), and throw the spicy tomatoes into a soup or pasta sauce. I do two packets in 10 oz of water because I like mine super thick, but someone I work with will put a third of a packet into 10 oz of water because she doesn't like the texture. I've seen other members on Facebook do a ton of things with them, and I tell people to look and see and adventure with it. Find what works for you, because not everyone enjoys just chugging a smoothie. But that's not the only way to enjoy this!


Would you like to share anything else about your kencko journey? 

I am SO EXCITED to see what else comes from this. The bowls are an amazing idea, and I can't wait to try them soon. Thank you for changing my life for the better by making the perfect product for me.


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