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We’re totally bananas for fruit and vegetables. Here’s where we nerd out about nutrition, spill the latest healthy living secrets and obsess over our favorite flavors.


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How to beat jet lag

With most travel restrictions lifted, we’re all ready to fly off to somewhere exotic and get some well-deserved R&R. Traveling to a new time zone can be all kinds of exciting, but it can take some getting used to. Here’s how to beat jet lag, so nothing stands in your way come vacay time.

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Why chickpeas are the best plant-based protein

Most people think of hummus or falafel when talking about chickpeas. But the protein-rich legumes are much more versatile than you may think. So, what are chickpeas good for?

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Your guide to seasonal vegetables and fruit

When you’re at the supermarket, strolling through the produce section and inspecting peaches for bruising or thumping melons to check for ripeness, the abundance of it all can make it easy to forget that everything for sale around you had to have been grown from soil someplace, and shipped to the store. That’s right, folks. Fruits and veggies come from plants, and plants respond best to certain environmental conditions – leading to seasonality.

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Electrolytes… what are they?

As the temperature begins to climb in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to demystify one of the nutrition world’s most thrown-around phrases during the sweaty summer months.

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Good sources of vitamin D

Vitamin D is absolutely integral for keeping your energy levels high – thankfully there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into your diet each day!

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Why we love… quinoa

Mineral-rich, protein-packed, and full of subtle flavor: it’s time for everyone’s favorite South American pseudograin to take a bow.

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2022 Corporate Responsibility update

Read our annual round-up of kencko’s progress on our ‘good company’ goals, including our progress towards carbon neutrality, home compostable packaging and more.

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How a small habit (like a daily smoothie) can lead to big benefits

You don’t need to reinvent yourself to have a healthier routine: it turns out that changing just one minute of your day can make all the difference.

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A blog about bloating

Is “bloat” a four-letter word? (We know it’s not literally four letters long! We’re interested in whether bloating is benign, boogeyman, or something in between.)

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How to eat more fiber

If you think we talk about fiber a lot… you’re right. But it’s with good reason! It’s the unsung hero of your GI tract and getting enough is crucial to overall health, for your gut and beyond.

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How prebiotics and probiotics support gut health

From supplements to science, we break down the gut microbiota, one of the most important factors in overall health.

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Why we love… tomatoes

We’re not alone in our adoration for this global staple — tomatoes are the world’s most-produced vegetable (or is it a fruit?) — and we want to shout it from the rooftops.

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