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Kick-start your new healthy habits with a personalized 60-day nutrition coaching program. Worth over $300 – free with your kencko subscription.

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So many of us struggle to maintain a nutritious, balanced diet. Most attempts to ‘fix’ our eating habits don’t stick. But with the right support, small, simple habit resets can be revolutionary. That’s where we come in, with a structured coaching program delivered by skilled nutrition professionals.

positive nourishment

We use a “health at every size” approach which takes each individual’s needs into account. By emphasizing nutrition rather than restriction, we help our clients to nurture a healthy and sustainable relationship with food. We want you to feel comfortable eating for both nourishment and pleasure.

healthy habits that last

Restrictive diets aren’t always sustainable, but small, incremental changes in lifestyle are. Like eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, every day - a habit with all sorts of proven health benefits. We’ll help you find fast, easy and delicious ways to reach your 5-a-day - and start thriving.

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Head to the shop to choose your monthly subscription box, and add ‘Nutrition Coaching’ at check-out. We’ll reach out within 3 days.


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Schedule a 1:1 phone or video consultation to agree on your goals. Your coach will follow up with a detailed, personalized nutrition plan.


Get the right support

Your 60-day program includes 4 in-depth consultations, factsheets and recipe suggestions, and unlimited text and email support.


Build habits that last

Check in with your dietitian any time to stay on track. Join the online community of kencko members for more inspiration and support.

meet the team

Hey there! We’re Mallory and Sofia, kencko’s very own dietitians. We are passionate about making nutrition relatable and sustainable for EVERYONE. We can’t wait to equip you with the tools and knowledge you need to take charge of your nutrition journey. See you soon!”

Mallory Gonzales

Sofia Amaral

Gabriela Barreto


what people are saying

"I was very pleased with the nutrition service, I eat primarily vegetarian and I received a lot of helpful information on how to eat healthy! I was pleasantly surprised with the suggestions and information - it really made eating healthy not seem so daunting."

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"Having person to person conversations in planning healthy lifestyle changes is so valuable. Smoothies are great, and we are grateful for this nutritional addition to our meal plan. Effective life-change includes nutrition goal setting and content consulting. I am grateful for my dietitian and her consult."

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"Accountability is key for me, and the nutritionist provide a clear, organized plan to help me achieve my nutritional goals."

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"My dietitian listens very attentively and provides constructive feedback on how to better meet my goals in a realistic way. She always takes into account my lifestyle and offers meaningful advice based on what is realistic and attainable for me. She always sends me resources after each follow up which are extremely helpful! This program has been extremely beneficial."

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"I was able to make small goals that I can reach and continue to meet every day, and using small goals like that makes it like stairs to the top of the wall, instead of having to jump to the top of the wall."

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any questions?

  • So how does it work?

    Consulting with a dietitian is easy. In just a few taps, you can get support and advice fast - whenever and wherever you need it. Schedule your first consultation from the comfort of your home, get your personalized nutrition plan (hello, new habits!), and talk to your assigned dietitian via email or text anytime.

  • How do I schedule my initial phone consultation?

    There are several ways to get in touch. 1. If you selected the free Nutrition Coaching at check-out, we’ll email you within 3 days of your order to get things started - you can simply reply to that message. 2. Even if you didn’t select this option at checkout, you’ll find a voucher in your first box with details of how to activate your free coaching sessions. 3. And if you’ve left it a little longer and don’t have the voucher to hand, just log in to your member account, hit the nutrition tab in your user profile, and select 'get in touch.'

  • How will I communicate with my dietitian?

    Your 60-day nutrition coaching package includes four voice or video consultation sessions, plus unlimited email and messaging on top of that.

  • What are my dietitian’s qualifications?

    kencko dietitians are fully credentialed Registered Dietitians with clinical experience. Think of them as your friend and coach, sharing sustainable, evidence-based tactics to help you build healthier habits, and making the often complex world of nutrition easier to understand and navigate.

  • Is my information kept private?

    We take your privacy seriously. Your data is secure and the Nutrition Service is HIPAA-compliant.

  • Is this service covered by my insurance?

    We do not accept insurance at this time.