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nutrition giving program

"Malnutrition is something that affects hundreds of millions of lives and it is something we want to see disappear."

For every box sold, we help someone in need by distributing our products to communities.

whats happening?

Unfortunatelly there is enough malnutrition happening
right next to us. Here in America.

The products that are most accessible in today' groceries,
and at every corner are nutrient poor, processed sugary

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But how exactly are we helping?

For every box a member receives, 2 units of kencko
packets (which equal 5 servings of fruits and vegetables)
are distributed to communities in most need.

We choose communities based on the proximity of where
our members are, as we believe if we all act together, our
impact on people' lives will happen faster.

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Join our cause.
Help communities having a healthier and fuller lives.

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