good stuff, made easy

kencko is a smart food company, reinventing organic fruit and vegetable products.
Our mission is to help people get more fruit and vegetables into their diets.
We do that with products that are delicious, quick and easy - without compromising on nutritional value or sustainability.
celebrating health

In Japan, where people live longer than anywhere else on earth, kencko means ‘healthy’. The K in our logo is inspired by the corresponding Japanese character.

finding a better way

We operate with organic fruits and vegetables at the heart of our products, and respect for the planet at the heart of our business.

Simple solutions for real problems

As few as 1 in 10 people in the USA (and only 1 in 4 in the UK) get 5 daily servings of fruit and vegetables - the minimum recommended amount for a healthy diet. At the same time, as much as 50% of the fruit and vegetables produced worldwide go to waste. It’s so hard to find convenient, healthy plant-based foods that stay fresh and travel anywhere. So I decided to create my own.

I hope you enjoy them.
kencko founder

join our team

We’re a fast-growing startup with offices in New York and Lisbon. Our fruit and veggie fanatics - from engineers to nutritionists - are obsessed with creating convenient products that are also sustainable, affordable and delicious. Help us create much-needed change in our food system.

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