instant, organic fruit & veg drink

The first instant fruit and veg drink made from tasty 100% organic, natural ingredients with no added sugars. It's as simple as tear, mix and enjoy. It's deliciously refreshing.

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good manufacturing practice
gluten & allergen free
USDA organic
no chemicals or colorants
100% recyclable
no added sugars
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We transform fresh, organic fruit and veggies into convenient drink packs that are easy to consume. Each kencko packet contains approx 200 grs of nutritious organic fruit & veg and nothing else. Just mix kencko with your favorite liquid and your 2 servings/day are ready to drink!

How We Do It
no devices needed.

The thought of eating wholesome fruits and veggies sounds nice, but let’s face it – blending up a concoction means being at home and the cleaning takes too much time, ready-made juices are $$$$, full of mystery chemicals, and while fresh fruits and vegetables are great, their perishability can be an inconvenience.

Start Your 5/Day
whenever and wherever

Now, reaching your 5 servings day is easy, possible and up to 80% more affordable than ready-made juices. For when life gets busy or you're on-the-go. It’s as simple as tear, mix, and enjoy.

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did you know that...

1 serving of fruit & vegetable is defined as 80g? And that a fruit and vegetable intake above 5 servings/day, is highly recommended by doctors and dietitians for a healthy nutrition, associated with reduced risk of heart attack, stroke, cancer and early death?

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