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shake up your smoothie game

The ultimate mixer bottle, included in your subscription

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A smarter solution

Say no to disposables

1 million plastic bottles are sold every minute

Cut plastic waste

10 million tons end up in our oceans every year

Built to last

Designed for years of daily use

For reuse, not refuse

Does the work of 45lb of single-use plastic bottles

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top-to-bottom convenience

We’re all about making things easier for you, and that extends to your bottle. A removable seal keeps drips safely inside. Pop it out whenever you want to deep-clean the cap.

meet the de-clumpinator

Whenever powder and liquid meet, you’re always going to run the risk of clumps. Our patented filter design shows them who’s boss, while making sure your smoothies mix up fast - and smoothly.

bottle filter
bottle filter

style and substance

With sleek lines and a gorgeously tactile finish, this is a seriously good-looking accessory. You’ll feel the quality every time you touch it, and that velvety finish doubles up as a practical non-slip coating.

your go-anywhere gadget

Light, durable and practical, your kencko bottle is the perfect traveling companion. A flexible rubber tether ensures you never lose the cap, and makes for a handy one-finger grip when you’re on the move.

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what is kencko?

We transform fresh, organic fruits and vegetables into handy powdered smoothies. Shake one up with water or your favorite plant milk for an instant healthy boost. Each smoothie contains all the fiber and vitamins from 2.5 cups of fresh produce.

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We’re on a mission to bring you the very best plant-powered nutrition - and make it easier for you to stick to healthy habits. Here’s how:

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start fresh

Customize your smoothie box to suit you

healthy habits

healthy habits

Build a better daily habit with regular smoothie deliveries. Feel the benefits increase over time.

nutrition coaching

nutrition coach

Let our expert dietitians support your journey, with regular check-ins and tailored dietary advice.

rewards program

rewards program

Earn points to spend on smoothies, get access to exclusive offers, and join the kencko community.